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Many children from Northeast Kansas, including

Shawnee and Douglas Counties, are placed in

other parts of the state simply because there is

not an available foster home to take them in and

care for them. Many times, they may be placed

hours away, meaning they are no longer able to

attend the school they once were in. Even worse,

siblings are often separated. You can help us

change that! 

Foster care is hard. We are honest about that.

But it is also hopeful, and with the support of

Foster the Cause and your church you will never

be alone on your journey to love and care for

Kansas kids. We not only help recruit you, but

we also offer training by a certified TIPS-MAPP

trainer who is a Christian. You are able to take

the state-required licensing course alongside others who share and respect your Christian faith. We offer both a 2 weekend version of TIPS-MAPP and also the one-on-one Deciding Together course. Please visit with us about which is appropriate for your family.

Additionally, we have a Family Support Coordinator who is here to answer questions you may have at every step along the way. Then, once you are licensed and children are placed in your home, we work with our partner churches (including your own) to help meet any needs that the kids or your family may have.

It's important to remember that the goal of foster care is almost always to see the biological family reunified. We encourage the Christian foster families that we help support to work with the biological families to meet their goals in the hope that one day their child(ren) will safely be able to go home. While it is true that some children are never able to return home and become available for adoption, that is not the intent. We are looking for married couples and singles who are willing to work with bio moms and dads (or other family members) to help their family be successful.

                                                                            We know that you probably have a million                                                                                            questions! We are happy to answer them. Please                                                                                call our office or use the email form under the                                                                                    CONTACT tab to connect with us.

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