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There are children waiting right now in the state of

Kansas, hoping to be adopted. Most of them are over

the age of 6, teenagers, some with special physical or

medical needs or part of a sibling group. If you are

hoping to adopt an infant, then most likely you should

consider a private domestic or international adoption.

However, there are several hundred amazing kiddos

right here in Kansas who would love for you to consider

becoming their no-matter-what family! 

These children's parental rights have been terminated--

meaning that they are now legally available for adoption.

Sadly, many of these young kids and teens do not have

anyone coming for them. While some are adopted by their foster parents, many are left waiting--and often they age out of the foster care system without a permanent family of their own.

We hope that you will take the time to meet some of these cool kids! Simply visit our friends over at

You likely have a lot of questions. That's great! We'd love to visit with you to answer them. Please CONTACT us. Like those wanting to become

foster parents, anyone wanting to adopt from foster

care in Kansas must also take the TIPS-MAPP course.

We at Foster the Cause are able to offer it in two

different ways through our partnerships with child-

placing agencies here in Kansas. The first is a 2

weekend class, while the second is a one-on-one

version called Deciding Together or DT. There's a lot

to the process, but don't let that discourage you. We

are here to help walk you through it, every step of the

way. And, hey, if you decide that foster care or

adoption is not for you--we are happy to help you

find your place in the fight for Kansas kids and their

families, wherever that might be! 

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