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Fund 20 New Families in 2020

Goal:  $40,000

Raised: $4,450

You can help raise up a new foster family to love and care for Kansas kids!

20 + 20 = 40k

Vision 2020 is a campaign to fully fund our ministry for the remainder of the year. We have a clear vision to INFORM, INSTRUCT, AND INSPIRE new Christian foster and adoptive families in Kansas. We truly do not have enough foster families for the state's 7,500+ children in care. More than 9% of all kids in Kansas foster care are from Shawnee County alone. It is our goal to raise up 20 new families in 2020.

We were blessed at the very beginning of our ministry to have grants that helped us launch; however, we now must rely on the generous support of individuals, families, businesses, foundations and churches to privately fund the Kingdom work we are striving to do. It is important to us that we rely almost exclusively on private funding in order to protect our foundational Christian beliefs. Here is the need: we must raise a minimum of $40,000 in the coming months to continue our work recruiting, training and supporting new Christian foster and adoptive families here in Northeast Kansas. We humbly ask that you would consider becoming a monthly donor; this helps ensure that Foster the Cause can continue our mission for the future.

All of the work we do is at no cost to the families, their church, the state or our partners. We want to be a blessing to the state of Kansas!

We have a small Summer 2020 Class of new foster and adoptive families is currently underway ONLINE right now! We are helping to raise up 3 new homes to love and care for Kansas kids. This is the 5th class that we've co-sponsored with our partnering child-placing agency. Our Spring 2020 class saw 6 new families "graduate". Each of the homes that we have helped open and continue to support have the potential to impact the lives of dozens of children in Kansas foster care.

We are also excited to share with you that our first affiliate will launch in Northwest Kansas (the opposite side of the state) this fall! Despite our current funding situation, we believe that God has made it clear the time is NOW. Our affiliate will be raising their own funding; however, we need to be in the best place possible as the parent organization to fully support them in the work they will be doing.

You can fund a new foster family!


We love to share our story and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us!

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